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December 30th December 30, 2009

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It’s been a while.
I feel failure and disappointment, in myself. I have done NOTHING over the past 2 months to work on my body and myself. I came on here to just look behind the scenes for the first time in months, wasn’t planning on writing anything but was taken aback by how long it has been and how much I have been ignoring this part of my life.

It’s very cliche to say, but in the New Year I will start over. I know resolutions don’t work. I will just mark that as my “wake up, start over, don’t be a pussy” date.

I will make small goals for myself for the first month of 2010.

  • Find and start a diet/eating lifestyle that I can live with. Any suggestions?
  • Work out at least once per week.
  • Only allow myself one soda drink per week. Water, water, water!!

They are not many and they are quite lax but I need to keep it simple. I have a MILLION things to add to that list running through my head, which is the problem. I normally write down everything and then the list is so long it’s daunting. I recently read somewhere that the maximum amount one should have on their to do list is 7, that’s a number that is apparently attainable when actually DOING the things on said list. Well, I’m starting with 3, and I will add 3 new things each month.

We have a tradition that I think has it’s roots in Hungary, on New Years Eve a few minutes before midnight we write down on a piece of paper all the things we want to leave in the past year. The list is private and right before midnight you burn it. I plan on taking my list more seriously this year. And I’ll keep it under 7 things!!

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October 14th. October 14, 2009

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Weight Change: Lost all the vacation pounds plus 2 more. Loss is good but the slowness is bad. My own fault.

Excercise: Been walking a lot, still yet to get to 10k a day so I have to finally give in and know that it’s impossible to get to 10k without the gym. This past week has been 3k one day, 5k the next, 6k the next and today was 8k.

Changes: Pants are looser, belt is tighter, next size down I can get on but can’t button yet.

Food: not good. Not horrible, but too much bad stuff when out for the day with Isaac. Must. Change. Now.
Will be starting a cleansing diet soon. Need the jumpstart.

Fatty McB.


August 29th – September 12th September 14, 2009

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Took a two week vacation with my family to Kitty Hawk, NC. Not the best weather but still a fabulous and amazing vacation. For so many reasons.

Excercise: Swimming, Belly Laughs, Vitamin D Therapy.

Food Ingested into my Piehole: Didn’t diet for sure but didn’t go completely overboard I don’t think either. Definitely snacked more than normal and didn’t count calories. Also ingested a moderate, yet responsible, amount of alcohol….daily.

Weight Change: PLUS FIVE pounds!!!
I’m not surprised really. It’s worth it, all of it. I would gladly gain 5 pounds every vacation and will look forward to doing it again next year (I just hope to be minus 100 pounds by then).  Most of those 5 pounds were probably ingested on the 7 hour ride home to be honest. I slept only about 3 hours the night before we left and even though I wasn’t driving I didn’t want to fall asleep and slack on my “navigator” duties so I kept eating the whole way home, to stay awake….it made A LOT of sense at the time.

All in all I’m not too upset. We had such a great time that I’m not beating myself up over it. I just need to get back on the ball/horse/wagon.

I don’t want to be become a dieter that goes for every fad diet but I do want to find the one that works for me. For my body, my metabolism and my lifestyle. I have been thinking of looking into some things and want to get your insights. Anyone heard of Ayurvedic eating? How about the blood type diet? I also think it’s time to not only weigh myself but also measure myself to keep track of inches (if any) lost.

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August 26th. Life gets in the way. August 26, 2009

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Been a while huh? Life has been very Life-y lately, have crawled inside my mind too often the past few weeks, a very dangerous place to be.

I was just making my to do list for the rest of the week and half watching a show called “Secret Lives of Women”, the episode being about women who have had drastic weight loss. One women lost 180 pounds through just diet and exercise, another lady lost 160 with the gastric band…and then became a burlesque dancer and pin up!
So I’m just kind of half watching this. Looking up in time to see the before pictures and think to myself “wow…she was huge” and then as my eyes drop back to my to do list I hear how much they weighed in the before pictures and my eyes shoot back up to the screen in shock! That’s my weight!! Oh my God! For ages I would say things like “well they are probably 5 inches shorter than me” or “Yeah, but I carry it better”…..those are all bullshit, weak excuses. Yes, I said it. Bull. Shit. I’m so mad at myself for letting myself off the hook so easily for so long.
I think these women are ridiculously fat and they end up being 5 pounds lighter than I am, why has it taken me so long to wake up? And why is my “waking up” process a slow and gradual wake up? They are saying the exact things I have always said “I saw my reflection and wondered who that fat person was and then realized it was me”, “I am not this fat person inside, I don’t feel inside the way that I look outside”.
It seems like everyone that deals with weight loss is much more in touch with reality than I am. They realize how they look eventually and deal with it. I feel like I have mini eye opening moments that make me sad and I start dieting and working out and then I slip back into my safe bubble and tell myself some sort of lie about how I’m not as bad off as I think.

Ok, enough pity party.
I have been stalling and hovering on weight loss but have been losing inches. I should have measured myself before starting all of this. All my pants are fitting too loosely, but I’m not yet the size of the next size down. I’m happy things are loose but frustrated I’m not a full size down yet. If this was a pin up style “Oopsie, my size 2 pants fell down while I was carrying these groceries” I would be embarrassed sure, but I’d get over it.
Let me give you a bit of a visual of what it actually looks like:

Imagine me walking down a city block. Imagine you are a stranger across the street looking at me.
You: “Oh my goodness! Call 911! I think that fat girl is having a seizure! She’s flailing her feet, wiggling her ass, her hands are at her hips…..Oh, wait, I think she just keeps pulling her pants up every few steps….nevermind”
Yes, this is what it looks like. Adam caught me doing this routine the other night to great comic relief, for him.

What is doing WONDERS for my anxiety riddled mind is a 2 week family vacation to the Outer Banks, we are leaving Saturday! I am so excited to hang out on the beach, float in the pool, relax on the deck. What I also plan on doing is lots of swimming, walking in the sand and I’m going to ask my mom and sister to do callanetics with me every day…we can sweat then jump in the pool!!!

Going to weigh myself right before vacation and then when I get back. We’ll see how well I do! It is vacation after all!

Fatty McB.
Song for today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QCZ_bv9aLc
boys on beach


August 8th August 8, 2009

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Is there a pill that I can take that makes spinach taste like french fries and french fries taste like puke?!? Please? I need it.
And while the scientists are at it they can find a way to make exercise more fun. Why can’t I lose weight, tone muscle and strengthen my core by car dancing, or singing at the top of my lungs. The only fun way to do all this is with a night of dancing, its just not something I can do every night. If any of you read about these new discoveries in “Impossible Science Weekly”

It has dawned on me recently that for months (maybe years?) now I have drawn the conclusion in my mind that when I get skinny I will be a better mom, wife, housewife, sister, daughter, friend, person. The logical side of me knows this is absolute crap. I guess coming out of my safe denial bubble it has allowed me to see things clearly, slowly but surely.
Being skinny doesn’t make me a better person. And why for God’s sake am I waiting to be skinny to be these things?! Being skinny doesn’t mean happiness. Being able to buy clothes in absolutely any store I walk into won’t make me a great housewife. I’m not stupid, why did I let myself believe this for so long? And how can I start being the best mom, wife (and yes, housewife) that I can be right NOW?!?

I also need to know why there aren’t uneven clothes sizes. I always seem to be in between a size. The size I currently am (yes, i’m avoiding telling you the digits on purpose…giant baby step from that) is a tiny bit big in most pants. I’m constantly pulling my pants up. But the next size down is a bit too snug. It basically means I constantly feel frumpy and unkempt. No matter how big my ass has gotten my waist (also large) will stay smaller than my hips so I get pants that fit my hips but are too big for my waist. I have always been an hourglass figure…now I’m just more like a 24-hourglass figure. And no, dresses and skirts aren’t the other option because….well….let’s just say chaffing is an issue. Now I think writing the word “chaffing” should make up for not yet admitting my size or weight, right?

On a side note, like my personalities I keep my blog topics seperate.  I have a blog that is not nearly as “all about me” as this one tends to be. I’m on totspot and write a lot about Isaac and our adventures there. You have to join to see it as it’s very super private (to avoid being a kiddie toucher heaven), you can’t search his name unless you join and are approved as a friend by Isaac. He’d love to have you as a friend and tell you all about his crazy days. http://dangerboy.totspot.com/profile

Last night I made another Hungry Girl dinner. It was a Smothered Pig in a Blanket. It was a fat free hot dog, wrapped in a reduced fat crescent roll topped with fat free turkey chili and grated fat free cheese. All of this for under 250 calories!!! I had two of them, so filling and quite yummy!

Smothered Pig in a Blanket. Around 250 calories for all this!!!

Smothered Pig in a Blanket. Around 250 calories for all this!!!

Song for today: “Think I hide it all so well” & “Every time I turn around, I run into myself” sum it up pretty well.

Fatty McB.


August 4th: Water is important!! August 4, 2009

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We are made up of mostly water. It is the most important thing we need to put in our bodies every day. It is what will make us look and feel our best…..then WHY can’t I remember to drink it?!?!? I mean, I may not have graduated college but I’m not a complete waste of dna. I know that I need to drink water, I have felt how amazing it can help me feel, yet every day my body craves soda (stupid body) and my brain just happens to forget to get water. Before leaving the house I think “Oh! I should drink some water before I go, or better yet, take my new water bottle with me!” but do I leave the house with it? no. I don’t get it! What do I need to do to make me remember? I bought the cool steel water bottle because I thought maybe it would stick in my head each morning to take the brightly colored bottle with me wherever I go, but no. SO frustrating! Especially as I know huge water intake would really help in the weight loss and feeling hungry department! which is…you know…..kind of the whole point!!!

I have had my lovely 6 year old niece with me yesterday and today. We got out and did A LOT over the past 2 days. Did I remember to wear my pedometer?! Hell no! I know it doesn’t really matter, the walking and exercise is what matters but I’m horrible, just awful, at guess-timating so when I’m trying to get in around 10k steps a day and I don’t wear my pedometer I have no clue how close I came.

The workout started this past Sunday when we went over to help my sister and brother in law dig post holes for their new deck. Normally this would be just an average amount of strenuous exercise but their back yard is 90% boulders and 10% dirt we found out. Tons of smashing, digging, pulling and pushing. I did the least of anyone there that day and I still got a massively good upper body workout….and sweat….so much sweat….
They rest of the guys were animals, just digging like maniacs. We think we got it all done, fingers crossed for the hole inspection tomorrow! Hopefully building the rest of the deck will be a breeze by comparison!

Yesterday, when my niece got here, we went first to Monkey Joe’s, then to lunch, then to Elmwood Park Zoo where we walked around for a couple of hours, most of the time I was pushing or pulling the 2 of them in a cart which totalled over 100 pounds. More sweat, more arm workouts and probably thousands of steps walked.

Today we went to Manderach Park for just a little bit. Then to a free movie (Wallace & Grommit)…not much exercise for me there. Unless you count the fact that I spilled Isaac’s water all over him and his chair and for the rest of the movie sat (more like wrestled) with him on my lap and held one foot high out in front of me to prevent anyone from walking through the water and slipping to their death, we were in the front row. Then we went swimming over at Aunt Kirdy’s, swimming has got to be the most fun form of exercise in the world. Didn’t do laps but still moved around a bit and raised Isaac up out of the water a few times. Kirdy got the biggest workout as our niece kept making her flip her out of the water!

I haven’t weighed myself in a few weeks now. Not because I’m waiting to see a bigger weight loss but because I’m afraid the 6 pounds already lost is either back on or still all I’ve lost. Yes, I’ve cheated a few times and yes, I’m not working out as I should so I know there will just be dissapointment and self-loathing when I get back on that scale. We’ll see…curiousity might get the best of me soon.

Song for today: Good summer and/or hanging by the pool song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeLjT4nrUTQ

Fatty McB.



August 1st: Swimmy time! August 1, 2009

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I would like to mention how in love I am with the Hungry Girl cookbook I just bought! Sure, I’ve only cooked one recipe so far, but it was good!

This morning we had “Fab Five Banana Pancake Minis”. 5 mini pancakes for 185 calories! Added some I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray and since I didn’t have any sugar free syrup I put about a tablespoon of honey and some splenda on top. Was it yummy? yes! Was it beyond delicious? no. I wished it was made with white flour and blah blah blah but it was still really yummy, and filling!

5 mini pancakes, 185 calories...with honey about 245.

5 mini pancakes, 185 calories...with honey about 245.

Then finally got around to hard boiling some eggs again to have on hand for proteiny snacks. Don’t care about calories when it comes to these as the protein is more important to me.

Isaac stole one egg (gave me back half the yolk) so it was about 100 calories give or take.

Isaac stole one egg (gave me back half the yolk) so it was about 100 calories give or take.

Going to test out a Hungry Girl quesadilla for lunch and then head to a pool birthday party! FUH-REAKING out over the “me in a bathing suit” thing but it’s going to happen because Isaac will want to swim so I’ll just get over it and live in my pretty world of denial for a few hours. Will make a fruit salad for the party and keep food intake under control the rest of the day.

Fatty McB.
Song for today: Summertime! Warm day, pool, friends, food…and this song!


July 29th: Take a Hike!! July 29, 2009

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Between the book of face, “blogging” about Isaac on Totspot (http://dangerboy.totspot.com/profile) and blogging here about fatty fatty boombelatty I sometimes end up ignoring one. Sorry for the delay in info!

This morning Isaac and I went walking in the woods. So far today I have walked 4,120 steps. Which I know is good but I really thought the hike would have resulted in many more steps!
I think I’m going to have to start working out in the evening. Since I can’t seem to get myself up and out of bed before the boys wake up, it’s really the only other time. I am just worried that I will ruin my already spotty sleeping habits! suggestions anyone?

Oh! I bought a great book called “Hungry Girl 200 under 200”, it was recommended by a friend and it’s 200 recipes for under 200 calories! little mini meals throughout the day. They look very yummy too, use ingredients I can find and won’t be scared to cook with and seriously look pretty darn delicious so far! Going through and dog earing faves now and will make a meal plan soon for shopping. yay!

Song for today: Make you Feel My Love (of dieting and exercise….no? not believable?) “I could hold you for a million years” man, it doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Fatty McB.


We found tracks!!

We found tracks!!



Day TwentyBirthday!! July 24, 2009

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It’s my birthday. I’m having some dark chocolate. Suck it critics!!!

Fatty McYum.

turn this one all the way up, sing along, pretend you smoke, pretend you have a million admirers, pretend you look great in red lipstick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3Kvu6Kgp88&feature=related


Day 20: I am woman, hear me….complain. July 20, 2009

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I have felt like complaining a lot lately. An amazing cure to this was a dinner 2 nights ago with a fantastic friend.

You know those friends who just get it? get you? I am blessed with quite a few of these friends and was lucky enough to take one to dinner Saturday night. She can empathize with what I’m doing and is very supportive. She knows that during this process I’m going to talk about food and weight a lot, but she also knows that I do not want to be talking about food the rest of my life! She knows how easy it is to get too over-analytical of oneself. She knows the damage that judging yourself too harshly can do. She knows that it’s frustrating to realize that for this to be successful I have to set down a path of self discovery and life changes that I wish I didn’t have to take on. It was very nice to have someone verify my complaints but tell me that it’s just the way it is and I can do it. Thanks B.

Today I got a lot done. Laundry, cleaning, took a ton of boxes to the truck, rented a storage unit and unloaded the boxes. Good sweat and a good arm workout. Forgot to wear my pedometer all day so far which bums me out because there were many steps taken there!! I am going to go to Ikea this week and explore a few new parks and walking paths so I’ll remember to have it on then.

This song I have been playing a lot lately. “I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier” pretty much sums up the past week for me. I’ve got to fight! (Insert ‘battle of the bulge’ joke here). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw2vBYBE24Y

Werk ze!
Fatty McB.